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Get Career Training with Industry


Product Design Case Study

Career Learning Platform

What this system solves?


Helping the onboard students and advisors to learn the curriculums, schedule sessions, view session details, ask session and view career planing plan.

1. Automation for session scheduling and producing learning plan to reduce the company workload 


2. Give students and advisors the best important value to coach and get coached.


Feature define and prioritize 

Building Minimal Variable product.


Product roadmap 


Students onboarding

Coaching material, post-survey, and assignment

Schedule button to email scheduling


Coaching plan

Advisor onboarding

Student self-learning

Schedule button to email scheduling

Design Process

Map out minimal features


Building Minimal Variable product -through meetings with CTO and Developer team, we prioritized core features for the product roadmap.



Research and build & revise


Through study existing learning platforms (tutoring, E-Bootcamp, MOOC system, and consulting platform). I sketched out some paper prototypes and test with people to get a final version.



Test with users & collect data


We collected data from users (students & advisors, potential users, and internal stuff activities and data to plan changes. 



Feature prioritize 

While we were in Y-combinator, we aimed to launch a minimal version before pitch day. We plan to finish a complete version along with a more systematic curriculum in mid-2018.


  • Coaching plan and coaching plan editing

  • Advisor onboarding 

  • Self-learning video library

  • Schedule button to email scheduling


  • ​​Schedule button to email scheduling

  • Advisor profile editing

  • Access video chatroom



  • Students onboarding

  • Coaching material, post-survey 

  • Scheduling through the software

Feature brainstorming 


Ps: Only showcase core features above.

Student focused

User flow


Main tasks:
1. View coaching plan
2. Get scheduled with a coach
3. Access coaching video chat & content 


self-learning platform



1. Provided valuable content for onboard students.


2. Open up to the site visitor for free as a lead generation tool.

Final Mockup (2017.04)

Version 2.0



Version 2.0 mockup


Generated 50+% of new leads per month from site visitors with pop up window.

Version 1.0 is live.





Advisors are able to onboard themselves, editing/finish profiles,  reduce staff time up to 25 min per advisor.

Version 1.0 is live.

Coaching material, post-survey, and assignments

 The app was in beta, 2018

Coaching plan





Efficiency for the company: Career plan generation time cost from 55-min per plan cut to 7-min per students


Version 1.0 mockup

The site is live.


Version 2.0 mockup

(following old brand guide.)

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