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Online portfolio review with experts


MasFocus provides a platform for experienced artist to mentor others. It is an online interactive platform that offers a variety of critique workshops.​

Business | UX | UI Case Studies


The difficulties for artists to grow

Get work feedback to perfect portfolios and learn the business side of art

Through "crowdfunding" creative support and work reviews, artists/designers get feedback on their work in progress. Structural workshops filled with honest criticism are proven to be the best way to learn.

Show work in progress in a like-minded community and get feedback along the way.

From free public critique to the affordable mentor-led peer review and 1-1 mentor reviews, giving users a private/semi-private way to learn how to improve their work.


The community helps new artists get feedback, get motivation

and support to produce work, showcase the work, and the possibility to sale the work. Helps experienced artist get a flexible income stream.

Through a batch of interviews and contextual research, I pinned down the three main user profiles we would cater to:


  • Photographers: Pro commercial/ art / photographer, photography students/ hobbyists)

  • Filmmaker, Designers, Artists, Writers

What's the hook?

  • Learn the craft of art.

  • Perfect current work

  • Make their name


The minimal variable product

Earlier adopters
Designers and photographers

Task Flow 

The flow-




Goal: editing a task in an existing project


(Total 89 screens)

Product Version 1.0

We decided to get rid of course curriculum and launched a new product focusing on only work review/critique.


This version required too much work on the curriculum development. 

We also found out through later interviews that some of the students already master knowledge of photography, lighting, post-editing, they just want feedback on their work.

Switch of business model

New Design Brand Guide


Color Pallete

New UI Integration

What we learned from building this product

Building a marketplace is hard, the essential part after we test the demands are always the user acquisition. 
We run into a problem with user conversion even we ran costly ads and since the conversion was low, we could not test with enough advisors for the end of the funnels to get quantitita results.


We used mainly social media: Instagram, Pinterest to promote and get the first set of user event before launching.


Getting the right balance between suppliers and providers is imperative to creating a thriving market. Having said that, we know it is increasingly difficult to do due to many monopolistic forces. In some of the biggest marketplaces(eg. Uber, Airbnb, Bike shares) the goal is to get to an equilibrium in which there is enough demand to meet the supply(and vice versa). Once achieved, this equilibrium creates a network effect that(in theory) can work in perpetuity and results in a windfall of massive profits. However, trying to get to that equilibrium is an exercise in planning, budgeting and marketing. 


  • Enjoy shared network effect

  • Get to Market Faster​

What might be next?

Future vision 

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