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UX | UI Case Study


A project management software for 

professionals who care about working 

between teams and clients

The unsolved problems

Rethinking a Project Management Application

The most successful project management web apps on the market are Asana and Basecamp. Despite their success, they are not suit for all audiences.



A multi-device project management software that keeps clients and partners on track and informed. Giving users total control over what information collaborators and clients will receive.

Best suited for small and medium-sized companies, freelancers, or individual 

contributors who want to have task and client management in the same app.

Design Process

Developing Taskly's priorities

As a start, I researched the current project management tech landscape, focused on Asana and Basecamp, and included a third potential threat in my analysis: Jira

I relied on forums, publications, user feedback on iTunes, Facebook groups, and independent reviews, to gather as much information as possible on our competitors.

What else is out there?

and more..

I mapped them extensively to highlight details on:

  • Core Business: products and pricing

  • Marketing Strategies and Target Market Competitive Advantage

  • Brand voice and content

  • Functionalities: UX/UI Design

  • Mac/Windows compatibility, offline and mobile support

  • Opportunities and threats 

Lighting the blindspots: assessing strenghts and weaknesses of our competitors

Through a batch of interviews and contextual research, I pinned down the three main user profiles we would cater to:

  • Professionals in medium-sized companies: limited team members but many tasks and projects running

  • Freelancers working with several clients

  • Professionals in small companies: limited budgets, many team members covering small tasks, not-tech-savvy

Who will use this app?


1) Not enough focus on clients related to the tasks.

2) Lack of visual presentation of project and task.


3) Lack of customized project tracking report and analysis.


4) Information overload. Hard to locate important tasks.

Core features

1) Network Management

    Providing clients, and co-workers, with potential clients management, integrating profiles, contacts, meetings, and tasks


2) Visual Representation

    Enhance project overview presentation with task chart and timeline.


3) Customized Report & Dashboard

    Add customized project reports; provide different templates,  reports, analyses to fulfill different business needs.


4) Information Filter

    Keyword & key people customized setting, enhance flexibility in searching.

Structure and flow breakdown

Information Architecture 

Task model

Project management on the go - Mobile first


(Total 89 screens)

Goal: editing a task in an existing project


(Total 89 screens)

Goal: adding a task to an existing project


(Total 52 screens)

Goal: adding a task to an existing project

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