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Extensive experience spanning all phases of the design process, from concept to execution. Hands-on experience in user-centered design, design management, systems, and design thinking.
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How I Design

About me

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I am a design partner of MockGrid, a California-based experience design & dev firm, and designing for multiple industry-leading saas companies. prior to that, I led product and design for Taffi, a data-driven fashion tech company. 


I led product design from 2018 to 2020 for HubHaus. In my spare time, I built numerous products. (ex KeepSurf, Kromatic, Rabbles)


I led the digital marketing and growth design team for Paragon One, a career-focused online education company backed by YC

I have consulted for more than 20 digital products and brands in various industries. I've also taught design and creative direction in New York and China workshops. 

MFA in Visual Art at the San Francisco Art Institute and B.A in Advertising Design at Shenzhen University.


Things I love


Getting lost in nature with my border collie, writing sci-fi stories, and exploring new countries (50+ and counting) to get inspiration and further fuel my creativity, so if you're also into any of these, feel free to reach out. 

How I Design

How I Design

​Analytical & Technical 

Gathering qualitative and quantitative data of end-users. Considering technical restrictions and timelines.

Along with solid practices in product, and growth, I lead the best craft of design and enable design collaboration between executives and cross-functional teams.  
User-centric & Business Focused

Balancing user and stakeholders' voices. I think about the big picture and can help others connect their work to business strategy through effective

Creative & Aesthetic

Creating visual languages for the product which communicates core brand values to achieve a complete experience


Create with me


Product Strategy, UX Design, Visual Design, Product Design, and Branding. 

"She strategized and led our most successful product that directly impacted our company's vision and revenues."
Scarlet Marquette, Ph.D. Havard                            Relations Manager, Amazon
"She is all that you want in a Design Mgr....what stood out to me most was her strategic thinking and empathy."
Alice Shin                                                                   Coach Manager, WeWork
"... an extremely high performer, who was able to expand her role to meet the needs of the company."
Nico Giraldo                                                                           CEO, Opitas Inc.
"Her designs are incredible, and she's great at collaborating with teams to design what fits the need..."
Shruti Merchant                                                                  Head of Product, Google
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